I am a CG artist, and a semi professional photographer.

First I would like to thank my parents for making me half French half Spanish, which is nice.

What started to be a real quest as a kid, trying to go through the mysteries of several 3D software and early versions of Photoshop ended up becoming my everyday job. Now that is dedication... :)
Since most of these mysteries have been revealed to me over the years, I can finally put that knowledge in use, giving me the ability & ease to express myself in 3D.

Recently moved to Switzerland after 7 years in Cyprus, and working with Imagina since, I am specialized in architectural design as you can see with all the cars. Gathering all the tools I learnt, I do photo-realistic 3D renders, offering ideas to people, or helping them visualize theirs.

When I am not busy trying to recreate the world that surrounds me in 3D, photography allows me to capture and share my interpretation of it. The pictures had to be sorted under different category through the website, but I believe it should really be under one big "Life" folder!

All the best from Geneva!

-Benoit Aubry